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Registration starts on August 1, 2017 for 2017-18 school year

Classes start in September, 2017

Program Length:
4 Years; 150 hours per year from September to April
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm; two (2) evenings per week.
15% - 40% of the class meetings will require access to the Internet on one of the two days scheduled for class.

Tuition includes textbooks and reference materials.
PREREQUISITES: pre-entrance exam in reading and math / high school diploma or equivalent

Students should be working in the field or have an interest to pursue the heating and cooling trade as a profession. Access to the Internet is necessary as some percentage of class is conducted online. Each year of the HVAC/R apprentice program builds toward licensing readiness. The topics covered in this first of four years are: general industry overview, licensing and certifications, electricity, thermodynamics and air handling. This foundation also includes review of the principles of applied math necessary for applications.
PHCC materials and texts included.
Tuition (2017-18, subject to change): $1,199
• Sept - April
• Textbooks included
PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of Year 2 or a comprehensive HVAC/R program.

Third year HVAC/R students continue to build toward more advanced and challenging topics to prepare for licensing exams. Beyond the basics the curriculum covers troubleshooting systems and components. Concepts regarding fluid handling systems, cooling towers and maintaining or correcting indoor air quality are covered. 
PHCC materials and texts included.
Tuition (2017-18 subject to change): $1,199
• Sept - April
• Textbooks included